VALORANT streamer found a game-breaking Sova drone glitch on Spit that basically gives you a wallhack

This Sova glitch basically gives you wallhack

Ever since VALORANT was launched officially worldwide, players have been finding out a new game-breaking glitch almost every single day.

The latest glitch lets you basically use wallhack to see enemies through walls using Sova’s drone. Although it is pretty finicky to repeat every time. And it only works on a specific corner on Spit at the moment.

After taking a closer look at the clip, you can pretty clearly see that using this glitch on Spit you can easily see through walls on B site. Furthermore, if you try harder you can also get a peek at mid. In the meantime, your opponents won’t have any clue that they have been detected.

Sova drone glitch Valorant
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Seems like every other day VALORANT players are figuring out a new game-breaking bug like that Jett’s boost, Omen smoke bug and now this. With all of these bugs, the sentiment that VALORANT was not ready for a proper global release is becoming more apparent day by day.

Currently, there is also some weird matchmaking related issue that is ruining the game for some players. Riot should also take a hard look at all of these issues.

Although the current VALORANT dev team has been pretty open with their community so far. Based upon their previous bug fixes, these latest glitches should be patched out with the next update fairly soon.

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