VALORANT: Stealthy Killjoy Nanoswarm lineup to use on Bind

Ever since her release, Killjoy has been one of the most picked agents in the game. The VALORANT community has discovered yet another reason to pick her on Bind.

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Killjoy is the third Sentinel agent of VALORANT. She is equipped with versatile gadgets that let her be deadly in both the attacking and defending sides. Her high presence in professional matches attests to her lethality.

Bind is a map where Killjoy can showcase her superiority to other agents. Her Turret and Alarmbot can slow down attackers when entering the site giving the defenders ample time for rotations. Additionally, her Nanoswarms can also deny a plant attempt from the attacking side.

Nanoswarm lineup for Crate

Redditor cirmicyca demonstrated a covert Nanoswarm lineup in Bind’s B site. To place the Nanoswarm, you must position yourself inside the Crate perfectly, as shown in the video. Afterwards, throw the Nanoswarm grenades at that exact position. Even if you fail to precisely place the Nanoswarm precisely, the damage radius might still be enough to remain effective.

This Nanoswarm covers the default plant location. Additionally, it covers the entire Crate area, effectively denying Spike plants and damaging the enemies positioned nearby. Ultimately, it forces them to relocate. This allows the defenders to rotate from A site to perform a retake. The attackers can also use this Nanoswarm after planting the Spike to deny any defuse attempts.

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Although the Nanoswarm lineup is remarkably effective, it’s also a lengthy process to secure appropriate positioning. Furthermore, predicting enemy movement prior to the lineup’s execution will be necessary, otherwise, the utility might end up wasted However, its potency should not be underestimated.

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