VALORANT: Sova’s Owl Drone locations for Split, Bind, and Ascent

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Sova is an initiator agent packed with supportive abilities. Ideal usage of Sova’s utilities can make a huge difference in-game. 

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Professional VALORANT teams are unable to build a proper strategy without Sova’s presence in the meta. The agent is dependable, balanced & flexible in any situation. In specific maps, some teams would give up a duelist slot to fit in Sova. Apart from all the geometrical Shock-bolt lineups floating around the internet, the VALORANT community has come up with some interesting Owl Drone spots.

Split is a map where Sova doesn’t get much attention from Tier-1 teams. The map is a more mature version of Icebox in many regards. Most teams started to withdraw Sova from Split after they felt the need for more duelists to forcefully clear corners. Instead of waiting for a Recon Bolt, professional players now consider Raze’s agility as a better alternative on Split. However, Redditor pyrodenia’s Owl Drone spots might question the validity of the existing meta.

As demonstrated in the video, the true potential of Sova’s Owl Drone can be observed. Split is all about pushing through corners & corridors. In addition to that, even a little sound clue about the opponent’s location can provide vital space for decisive actions. By utilizing Sova’s Owl Drone, pyrodenia illustrated how it’s possible to make things uncomfortable for Split’s defenders. In most cases, the Owl Drone revealed pre-occupied enemy positions from elevated angles. Similarly, in maps like Ascent & Bind, Sova’s Owl Drone posed passive threats against enemy operators.

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Mastering Sova is comparatively difficult; however, learning these Owl Drone spots might turn out to be really useful in certain situations. Even though the VALORANT meta is not constant, Sova has survived every major update since ACT 1. On the other hand, Riot made it clear that VALORANT’s competitive nature won’t be repetitive, and adapting with new meta’s will be necessary for the players.

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