VALORANT: Some useful callouts to follow in ranked matches

Constant communication is essential to establish great team synergy. In competitive games like VALORANT, just relying on shooting expertise won’t be effective in all scenarios. 

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In competitive titles like VALORANT, raw shooting skills have limitations. It’s true for any PvP tactical shooter that requires teamwork. Depending on the rank, the limitations of being a one-dimensional marksman can be counterproductive. Often, players with better communication skills end up achieving higher ranks despite having below-average proficiency in combat. 

Luckily, the recently posted callouts guide by Redditor jwangers is a treasure for players who are struggling to climb the rank pyramid. Generally, in low-ranking matches, players tend to ignore the essence of maintaining proper communications. As a consequence, team synergy remains absent throughout the match. 

As jwanger described, common callouts like “Split,” “Contact Play,” ‘Default” can be greatly effective in certain cases. Professional players generally encourage solo queue players to continuously communicate even if the entire team is ignorant about basic aspects of the game. More in-depth callouts like “Anti-flash,” “Play off contact” or “ Double Swing” require a competent wingman.

During the defensive phase, “Playing Retake” is the most vital callout that every player should follow. It enables better coordination while attempting to recapture territories of a map. 

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These callouts will also encourage your teammates to be more cautious around open angles and chokepoints. Additionally, having reliable information about the enemy also increases situational awareness. Similarly, utility usage becomes more effective when accurate callouts are shared among teammates prior to a round, minimizing the presence of a dedicated In-Game-Leader.

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