“VALORANT showed me just how far I could take something if I put my time into it and really focus.” – Campion, #5 on the NA Leaderboards

Chris Dang or more popularly known as Campion, is a 20 year old VALORANT player from California. He is ranked #5 on the NA Act II leaderboards and part of a Tier 2 team.

Valorant has continued their series of articles named Formation stories. These mainly focus on giving players the spotlight and get their thoughts on their experience with the game. The first article was on Poiz who was #2 in the NA leaderboards and now plays for Team Cloud9 Blue.

“VALORANT is like a mix of all the FPS games combined, where you’ll see people from so many other competitive FPS games crossover,” Dang said.

This game has kept the core tactical shooter genre like Counter Strike intact while adding more flavor like unique Agent Abilities like Apex Legends or Overwatch. Due to this it was given attention from from a diverse playerbase.

“VALORANT helped me strive for something. I wasn’t really looking forward to anything. I didnt think about going pro in a game and doing something I loved to do. VALORANT brought that to me,” Campion said. “It showed me just how far I could take something if I put my time into it and really focus.”

Campion formed a team with his buddy Psalm and now their team “Squirtle Squad” is recognized as a tier 2 team.

Q/A with Campion

How did you choose “Campion” as your name?

I originally got it watching a TV show, Raised by Wolves. I looked up the name and what it meant and apparently it’s like “champion” in a few different languages—and I thought that was cool.

What can someone expect playing against Campion?

I’m a very aggressive player. I love getting into people’s faces and trying to frag out.

Any rituals before big matches?

I play DeathMatch a lot. I don’t eat anything too heavy and drink a lot of water.

Someone chooses Jett, how do you fill?

Any other Duelists or one of the initiators.

Favorite Weapon and skin combo?

Aside from the Operator? Prime Vandal.

Best Map?

It’d have to be Haven.

What would you like to see from VALORANT this year?

I love VALORANT’s approach to the game overall, and honestly, if they just keep doing that I’m content with it. I love how they are always changing the meta. These new Agents always have the impact to change the meta right away, depending on how they are being played.

Campion is an extremely talented player in NA, now that he is reigning #5 in the ranked ladder in NA, he will have a lot of eyes on him from the bigshot organization. Like C9 picking up Poiz, we hope Campion can also find the means to further develop his VALORANT skills and rise to newer heights.

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