VALORANT: Shinobi departs from C9 Blue roster

Cloud9 has confirmed the departure of Shinobi from its North American VALORANT roster, Cloud9 Blue.

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In a Tweet earlier, Cloud9 published a video that bids farewell to Josh “Shinobi” Abastado. The In-game-leader for Cloud9 Blue will no longer be an active part of the squad. What led to this unexpected decision is not yet known, but Cloud9 Blue’s failure to qualify for the First Strike NA Finals might explain the shuffle.

Josh used to play the supportive role of Omen in C9 Blue; under his leadership, the squad achieved some minor achievements throughout the span of 6 months. During the First Strike qualifiers, the roster severely underperformed against NA’s elite teams. Even with skilled marksman like TenZ in the team, Cloud9 Blue missed the opportunity to play in the First Strike North America’s main event.

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In a separate Tweet, Shinobi thanked Cloud9 & his former team. Although, he added that he’d be looking out for more opportunities. That means Shinobi will continue with his career as a professional VALORANT player, perhaps under a new organization’s umbrella. Till then, the 26-year-old veteran will have to sort out his plans & ambitions with the game.

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