VALORANT: ShahZaM thinks TSM is yet to prove themselves in 2021

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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In a recent Twitch session, ShahZaM talked about TSM’s underperformance in the recent qualifiers. 

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Professional VALORANT player ShahZaM expressed his views on TSM’s fall in VCT Stage 3 Challengers open qualifiers on a recent Stream session on Twitch. He also added that TSM choked in the previous open qualifiers as well. 

ShahZaM thinks that the general expectations from TSM are very high due to the high-profile players, streamers & other elements. TSM’s performance is not exactly reflecting their profile. With famous players such as Wardell, Subroza, and others, the general people expect a lot from the team. However, they failed to show their prowess during professional matches. Shahzeb also added that in 2021, TSM is yet to show any real results.
Video Credit: Valorant Life

TSM recently added “bang” as their 5th, with the new roster the hope was high. In the end, they fell short against Noble, a very underrated team from North America. After several changes to the roster, they had hoped to achieve greater heights. However, parting ways with reltuC caused a void in their lineup. Previously, TSM’s experiment with “brax” did not produce any significant result either.

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Ever since First Strike North America, TSM had been struggling to regain posture. However, teams like T1, Cloud9 Blue & Soniqs also failed to secure a spot in the Closed Qualifier. TSM’s loss against Noble was shocking for sure, but their journey isn’t over yet. Competition among North American teams is definitely rising to a new level & TSM will need a serious reboot. 

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