VALORANT: Sentinels dapr believes the Operator requires a price cut

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: daprcs twitter

VALORANT Stage 1 Masters NA champion Michael “dapr” Gulino thinks the Operator badly needs a buff. 

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During the early stages of VALORANT, the Operator used to be a weapon of terror. Pros like Wardell & m1xwell realized the hidden perks of this gun & decided to master it early. Eventually, they became the sole representatives of the Operator in the VALORANT community. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Operator proved to be a nightmare for Ex-CSGO players & the majority of the playerbase. The overall balance of the game shifted overnight.

Riot noticed the massive stream of complaints; as predicted, they nerfed the gun to oblivion. Patch 1.09’s arrival marked the conclusion of the Operator era in VALORANT. Aside from receiving movement accuracy reductions, the gun also got a price bump of 500 credits, making it an expensive 5000 credit investment. Since then, VALORANT players consider the Operator as a risky purchase.

As per dapr’s recommendation, a buff could restore the gun’s former reputation. The North American professional pointed out two major lackings in the Operator’s current state. His first advice is about a price reduction. In order to back up his opinion, dapr mentioned the devastating effect it has on a team’s economy. He concluded his statement with a suggestion to buff the movement accuracy.

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Surpsinginly, dapr also pointed out the impact of AWP in CSGO as Team Liquid was battling out Astralis in ESL Pro League Season 13. Professional VALORANT teams never enjoyed the freedom of picking up multiple Operators in one single round, dapr reminded the simple fact with an interesting contrast. 

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