VALORANT Sensation skin bundle: First look, expected price, and release date

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Valorant Leaks

After the arrival of the ION skin bundle following the release of Patch 1.12, another skin bundle similar to Glitchpop is almost here.

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The brand new skin bundle is being called “Sensation Bundle.” The Sensation bundle is a seemingly budget variant of the previously released Glitchpop bundle. Developers indeed took a heavy dose of inspiration from natural color cocktails and poured in their best effort to come up with the Sensation bundle.

While the Glitchpop and Sensation bundles are similar in color combinations, the new bundle does not project any futuristic vibe. VALORANT weapon skins aren’t cheap, but the upcoming Sensation bundle might cost way less than its predecessor Glitchpop.

Sensation Skin Bundle First Impression:

Glitchpop Meets Rainbow

Expected Pricing & Release Date of Sensation Bundle:

Regardless of the bundle’s shiny appearance, RIOT is yet to disclose anything about the pricing or release date. Judging by the skin’s outlook and exclusivity, it’s heavily related to Sakura Bundle in many respects. Considering its correlation with Sakura Bundle, individual skins in the Sensation Bundle should cost something between 875 VP and 1275 VP.

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Interestingly, the new bundle won’t pack any finisher animations. RIOT is clearly aiming for the lower spectrum of VALORANT’s cosmetics marketplace. After receiving a hefty amount of backlash for high skin prices, RIOT’s new dynamic approach packs greater sales potential for both ends of the market.

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