VALORANT: SEA players are worried about issues related to toxicity

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT Games

Toxicity is a long-standing issue in competitive games, and VALORANT is no exception to that. Even though the game allows players to take standard procedures against toxic players, certain regions are being plagued by an alarmingly high toxicity problem.  

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Right now, the problem is quite notorious in SEA servers. The probability of getting decent teammates in a SEA server is exceptionally low. Besides that, the SEA VALORANT community has no practical way to deal with the situation. Due to a hostile environment created by toxic players, many Counter-Strike players switched to VALORANT during the first ACT of the game, but the same issue is still besetting them. Toxicity might be one obstacle, but it’s also summoning even more severe problems with it.

In a short statement, Redditor loudmime0813 expressed his current situation in detail. One toxic player in a lobby can ruin an entire match. Sometimes they are most likely to throw multiple rounds for no apparent reason. While muting misbehaving players is an effective way to deal with the situation, it’s also disastrous for competitive teamwork. Ultimately, the whole scenario discourages sincere players from investing more time in the game.

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The developers have already promised to take strong action against AFK players & smurfs in the upcoming patch 1.13. Even though RIOT is pretty serious about removing smurfs from VALORANT, SEA players are left with no definite statement. In addition to that, VALORANT has no voting functionality where players can vote off toxic or abusive players. According to the community, the voting system would be a welcoming addition to combat against toxicity. However, RIOT will have to figure out non-conventional ways to cope with toxicity in VALORANT.

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