VALORANT: RIOT’s ranking system rework has led to more Smurfs

RIOT reworked VALORANT’s matchmaking algorithm with the release of ACT 3. Even after a substantial overhaul, players are yet to witness any effective outcome. 

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VALORANT is RIOT’s first-ever expedition into the FPS genre, and it features many things that are not familiar to hardcore players in the FPS community. VALORANT’s ranking system is unique in some regards, but smurfing has been a prime issue ever since its launch. Major FPS titles like Counter-Strike and Overwatch also had to face the same obstacle. 

In a Reddit discussion created by fiascolan_ai, players from the VALORANT community expressed their opinions about the current condition of matchmaking in the game. The Redditor stated how the new ranking criteria has ultimately made the situation much worse.

The problem with smurfs resembles fiascolan_ai’s statement. Earlier, 100T Hiko also complained about undeserving players getting into higher ranks. After the deployment of ACT 3, players can only queue if everyone in the lobby is within the fixed range of 3 rank tiers. Initially, players could 5-stack with much lower ranks, and somehow that method kept better stability in matchmaking. 

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Due to RIOT’s harder requirement, many players are forced to open smurf accounts to play with their friends. As a result, Solo-queueing is now becoming a superior option for the hardcore player base. Solo-queueing in competitive matches is not the brightest idea; often, players end up with a very low ELO lobby. In addition to that, finding a match with a full lobby is now extremely time-consuming. The overall quality of matchmaking has significantly decreased since ACT 3’s global release in October. 

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