VALORANT: Riot seals the Phantom Vs. Vandal argument

The latest data provided by Riot clearly indicates Vandal’s superiority over Phantom. 

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Riot has finally stepped in to resolve the Vandal or Phantom debate as 2020 is coming to a conclusion. Amidst the long-standing dispute, official statistics from Riot crowned the Vandal as the ultimate winner. Previously, developers explained their entire in-game data collection procedure. To keep VALORANT a balanced & competitive title, developers gather, analyze & take future actions based on those in-game stats.

Both Vandal and Phantom have distinct characteristics & damage demographics. Since the release of VALORANT, professional players have been advocating their opinions over this issue. Recently, ScreaM declared Phantom as his default pick. However, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo exhibited the run-and-gun potential of Phantom, which later turned into a controversial topic as Vandal also featured similar traits.

In general, Phantom has an incredible first-shot-accuracy, high DPS & low damage-rate in long-range engagements. On the other hand, Vandal features low DPS, high damage-rates & a hard-to-control recoil mechanism. Definitely, these rifles aren’t built to serve an identical domain. However, it all comes down to player preference over statistics.

Riot benchmarked these rifles based on the total number of kills recorded since VALORANT’s launch. It’s obviously not the most efficient evaluation method, but it does indicate Vandal’s notoriety. Despite this report from Riot, the debate is less likely to fade away anytime soon. Although, it might encourage Phantom players to reassess their perspectives about Vandal.

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In the midst of all arguments & speculations, the VALORANT community is still concerned about the run-and-gun issue.

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