VALORANT: Riot hints at new Guardian skin in their latest Episode 3 trailer

A new Guardian skin has been spotted in the latest Episode 3 trailer. Apparently, the skin has some similarities with the previously released Reaver skin bundle. 

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Riot has interesting ways to keep the VALORANT community on edge. In the latest Episode 3  Trailer, agent KAY/O has been seen holding a new Guarding skin. Towards the end of the video, a scene appears where KAY/O picks up a Guardian from the ground. Almost immediately, the new agent neutralizes Sova and proceeds to aim at Reyna. 

In Patch 3.0, Riot has decreased the walking and running accuracy of some weapons. Riot also showcased the changes in running/walking accuracy in a sarcastic fashion during the trailer. Reyna missing all her shots on KAY/O while running somewhat represents the latest modifications of the weapons. However, the new Guardian seems to have a finisher animation too. 

The Guardian is a semi-automatic DMR rifle built to precisely engage enemies from long distances. Additionally, the weapon is very effective in maps like Icebox & Breeze, where most of the fights occur in open places. However, the new skin is strangely similar to the Reaver Guardian. Players are speculating about the release of Reaver 2.0 based on some pictures Tweeted by ValorLeaks. 

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Since Riot decided to showcase this new Guardian skin on Episode 3’s trailer, it’s obvious that the skin will be released sometime in future. Episode 3 will mark a fresh start for VALORANT and its competitive scene. Both casual and professional players will have to adjust to a completely different type of VALORANT.

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