VALORANT: Rank match deserters are ruining the matchmaking experience

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT

Competitive matches in VALORANT requires the presence of all five players to secure a victory. Lately, the VALORANT community has been dealing with an increasing amount of match deserters.    

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As an e-sports title, VALORANT is an extremely demanding game in terms of teamwork. Without proper communication, map-presence, and strategy, it’s challenging to obtain a decent score. Rank match deserters are not new to the competitive gaming scene, but encountering such situations multiple times might frustrate anyone. 

However, Redditor hizenlowz’s recently posted statement further validates the current situation of VALORANT’s matchmaking. It’s even worse when players abandon a match during mid-game when there are no solid options to leave the match with an intact rank. In the post, the user stated his desire to see increased punishment for such match deserters.

Primarily, VALORANT issues a cooldown for players who intentionally or unintentionally withdraws from a game after it’s initiated. The solution is related to what Counter-Strike has been offering for several years. In addition to a hefty cooldown, a player might also receive degraded ranks. Both these games have a common ground in terms of punishing deserters. Although in VALORANT, the punishment is considerably less than CS:GO.

Some players suggested re-evaluating the whole “Cooldown” process. According to a Redditor named socialist_steve, ELO compensation is a good place to start. This might appear as a practical solution for many players. Nonetheless, this method’s effectiveness over issuing a temporary/permanent ban is debatable.

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On the other hand, VALORANT players are absolutely frustrated with the VAN-6 error showing up randomly. RIOT is typically pro-active about community feedbacks. However, RIOT’s approach to these problems will determine many crucial aspects of VALORANT matchmaking.

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