VALORANT Raises over $5.5 Million for Charity in first in-game fundraiser

The results of VALORANT’s first in-game fundraiser were announced and the total amounted to over $5.5 Million.

Riot released the Give back bundle in June where they compiled the votes of the community and the winning skins got put into a bundle to celebrate the start of Episode 3. A portion of the proceeds was promised to be donated to the Riot Social Impact fund, in partnership with Impact assets.

From the Give back bundle, 50% of the proceeds from weapons and 100% of the proceeds from accessories would be donated to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. The bundle was available for purchase from June 22nd up to July 8th. During this time, any player purchasing the bundle would not only get access to some of the coolest skins in the game but also be donating to a better cause.

Earlier today Riot Games announced the results of these donations on their official website. Over $5.5 Million USD was donated to the Riot Games Social Impact fund, in association with Impact Assets. This also gives a rough estimate that $11 Million USD was earned by Riot with this bundle. This gives us an insight into just how popular VALORANT has become and how much the game’s community has grown in just over a year.

With the success of the first in-game fundraiser of Valorant, Riot Games have hinted at more fundraisers like this in the upcoming future.

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