VALORANT Pros react to Patch 3.0 meta changes, new agent and more

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Following the release of Patch 3.0, the VALORANTcommunity is slowly adjusting to the new agent & weapon modifications. 

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Professional VALORANT players have a different approach when it comes to adjusting or reacting to a new Patch. Riot has turned VALORANT into a completely different game with Patch 3.0. Professionals like Scream, TenZ, and Doma have shared their opinions about the changes on Twitter. Interestingly, Riot has also managed to impress the majority of the casual & professional playerbase with Patch 3.0.

Stage 2 Masters winner TenZ straight out declared the latest patch as the best one yet. Obviously, the excitement from Tyson proves that VALORANT is headed in the right direction. Another Canadian VALORANT professional, XSET Wedid has shared similar thoughts about the patch. 

European professionals are also sharing very identical reactions. Previously, the developers tried to make VALORANT a much more suitable place for skillful players to show off their prowess with precise gunplay & decision making. However, everything went downhill when it became clear that anyone/team can gain an unusually large advantage just by spamming abilities instead of putting effort on the tactical side of things. 

Scream’s first impression of the new agent looks quite positive. According to him, the meta will favor more gunplay. Just a few days ago, another influencer in the VALORANT community predicted that the new meta will be all about gunplay, rather than ability usage. On Twitter, Fnatic Derke sarcastically reacted to KAY/O by referring to the final round of Stage 2 Masters.

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Nonetheless, professionals are preparing themselves for the upcoming Stage 3 Challengers and Berlin Masters. With the addition of Breeze in the map pool and a completely new agent, VALORANT fans can expect to see some truly unique gameplay. 

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