VALORANT Pro Wardell invites ShahZam to a boxing match following Sentinel’s Tweet

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image via: Ghost Gaming

The rivalry between Sentinels and TSM is heating up as Wardell and ShahZam engaged in a Twitter conflict. 

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Prior to the much anticipated TSM Vs. 100T Qualifier match, Sentinels released a video where ShahZam stated that he would like to see TSM lose. The rivalry between tier one E-sports organizations is a common sight. However, some rivalry undoubtedly stretches far beyond the game server.

Sentinel’s Statement

Wardell’s Response

shahzam and wardell argument
Screen Grabbed Via Twitter/Wardell416

Initially, Wardell responded to the tweet by mentioning ShahZam as a “Rat”. Hereafter, things only got messier as Shahzam quickly pulled out an old tweet from Wardell’s timeline. Fans from both sides joined the brawl and added fuel to the fire. The exchange of words turned into trash talks when Wardell invited ShahZam to a boxing match.

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Later ShahZam inserted his assumption of Wardell having a crush on him. However, during his Twitch stream today, Wardell expressed that his “Rats” Tweet was actually metaphorical. Friendly rivalry is seen as a healthy way to prosper in E-sports. On this occasion, the fiery exchange of words only intensified the rivalry between two of North America’s finest Valorant teams. 

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