VALORANT players believe that Astra & Viper meta is too hard to counter

VALORANT has come a long way since its launch. As time went by, the game’s meta went through quite a few changes. However, the community does not seem happy with the current state of the game.

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Competitive games such as VALORANT change drastically with every new update. As more changes are introduced to the game, the players adapt to the situation and come up with different ways to counter new strategies and playstyles. However, players are reporting that the current meta of the game is tedious to deal with.

Post 2.04 Patch Astra & Viper Meta

After Astra was added in Patch 2.04, she has seen a lot of presence in the tier-1 tournaments. Afterward, Patch 2.06 introduced a huge buff to Viper which caused her pick rate to skyrocket. The Astra and Viper combo saw a lot of use in the hands of professional teams of EU and NA such as Sentinels, Team Liquid, etc. While these two agents excel in their roles as controllers, their abilities also function in holding down sites similar to the abilities of the sentinel agents. Thus, playing against Astra and Viper is becoming arduous.

Redditor saiyakiro brought attention to this matter in a recent post. It’s mentioned in the post that many players get demotivated upon noticing a Viper on the opposing team. Astra’s abilities also “does too much” and can hold down a site alone while her Stars are indestructible, giving opponents no way of dealing with them except avoiding them. Professional VALORANT player Hazed has also expressed his concerns on the same matter. 

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While this combo created a noticeable ripple in the competitive scene, normal competitive players lack the communication and synergy present in professional teams. This takes the fun out of the game for many players. Therefore, Riot should take steps to rebalance the characters through the feedback of the community.

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