VALORANT players are suggesting a rework for Yoru’s Fakeout ability

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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VALORANT players are now convinced that Yoru might face the same fate as Viper if not give the proper attention. While Riot is busy handling their Champions Tour events, the brainstormers in the VALORANT community are continuously coming up with buff ideas for Yoru.

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Yoru needs no distinct introduction. Back in January of this year, the agent’s announcement video “RETAKE” & his gameplay reveal trailer caught the attention of at least 5.9 million people on YouTube. Riot fulfilled the VALORANT community’s wish by adding another Duelist agent in the game. Even before his introduction, rumours & speculations about Yoru’s lurking potential reached the professional communities as well. 

In reality, Yoru’s addition to the agent pool made no difference to the game’s existing meta. 

Players have good reasons to believe that the problem lies within the agent’s mediocre abilities. Yoru’s abilities are widely considered as the “Weakest” in the game. Starting from his extremely hard to deliver flash, his fake footsteps are also ineffective in high ranked matches. 

In a recent post, Redditor emulatorguy076 proposed a quite interesting buff idea for Yoru’s Fakeout ability. Among all his abilities, this particular “Fakeout” ability has no real impact on the game. According to the emulatorguy076, Yoru needs a digital interface where he can mark a start and endpoint to execute the Fakeout ability. If implemented by Riot, this buff will make significantly more impact as enemies will have no idea of Yoru’s actual position on the map. 

Additionally, it’ll also improve Yoru’s lurking potentials as confusing the enemy was meant to be his primary task.    

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