VALORANT players are requesting to implement a Demo system

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Competitive players want a Demo system in VALORANT similar to CSGO, and the demand is pretty compelling.  

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Riot’s long-drawn ambition to enter the realm of FPS genre reached its destination with the release of VALORANT. The recently concluded First Strike tournament demonstrated the real potential of VALORANT’s eSports scene. However, players are now questioning the state of competitive integrity of the game. 

Some recent events initiated significant discussions in the VALORANT community. Riot is primarily relying on Vanguard to fight against hackers. It’s becoming apparent that Vanguard won’t be enough to expose cheaters. Moreover, the absence of a reliable Demo system is a huge headache for tournament organizers as they are forced to safeguard competitive integrity without proper tools. 

Redditor Wuped highlighted the importance of a solid Demo system. A recent occurrence in Pittsburgh Knights VALORANT Tournament brought some much-needed attention to the demand. In this particular case, the organizers had to make sensitive decisions based on weak & unreliable evidence. Professional players also questioned the accuracy of such evaluation procedures. Meanwhile, the current alternatives are lacking crucial features.

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Riot’s roadmap for 2021 includes VALORANT Champions Tour, which will enable players from all selected regions to compete for recognition. However, Riot officials are yet to comment on anything regarding the arrival of a proper Demo system before the Champions Tour.

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