VALORANT players are reportedly facing issues with the Voice Chat feature

On Reddit & other platforms, VALORANT players are reporting the presence of new issues with the voice chat in the game that can potentially cause infringements of privacy.

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Communication is an essential part of any multiplayer game. Particularly, in competitive shooter games, the importance is greater. VALORANT implemented a decent voice chat system since launch. However, it did face its fair share of problems.

Redditor Riv4l5 mentioned his concerns over the recent voice chat problems recounted on Reddit. The problem entails the voice chat between a party staying active even after exiting the party. The problem seems to persist even after joining another party. Even muting does not seem to solve the issue. Some have also reported that the voice chat stays even after closing the game. Many related posts are linked in this particular post.

Due to the nature of the game, voice chat is vital in VALORANT. Strategies and callouts are heavily dependant on this feature. Third-party voice chat software like Discord or TeamSpeak are sometimes used to establish this communication but the in-game voice chat still remains the primary choice for most players. Especially for the solo-queue players, voice chat is crucial. If using the voice chat causes problems for them, players will be discouraged from using this vital feature of the game.

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Decreased usage of the voice chat will significantly affect the core gameplay. Thus, the game will seem less enjoyable and appealing. Hence, RIOT should investigate this matter and come up with a solution soon; otherwise, the issue might reappear unexpectedly.

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