VALORANT players are frequently refusing to play on the Icebox map

Icebox is the latest addition to VALORANT’s competitive map pool. However, a vast number of players are frequently dodging the map in ranked lobbies.

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With the release of Season 3 during mid-October, RIOT added the polar themed Icebox map for non-ranked game modes. Icebox has been made available for competitive mode recently. However, players aren’t satisfied with the map design and bugs that came alongside. Throughout the week, several glitches occupied Icebox and ultimately rendered it unplayable for many.

General Issues With Icebox

Some recently popped up threads on VALORANT’s official Reddit explains the situation appropriately. VALORANT players across all ranks are in extreme confusion about the map. Icebox’s shiny appearance wasn’t enough to hide its overly complicated design.

Image Via: RIOT

According to Redditor BlaqRain, Icebox has issues with corners, smokes, and map control. In his shared perspective, BlaqRain’s primary concern lies with map control in Icebox. Any 5v5 competitive shooter requires proper utilization of smokes to gain map control. Icebox, however, is a different story. Even with agents like Brimstone and Omen, covering choke points with precisely laid smoke is difficult.

Professional VALORANT teams aren’t too comfortable with the map, either. Plotting a proper strategy is nearly impossible due to its massive size; hence, taking mid control is also problematic. Without reasonable mid control, securing a victory becomes costly for the attacking team.

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After the Patch 1.11 disaster, RIOT is most likely to wait for community feedback before deploying any update. Developers at RIOT games are facing multiple issues with agents like Sova. Any map redesign based on player demands seems unlikely.

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