VALORANT players are demanding the introduction of Crosshair Presets

Crosshair customization is an integral part of competitive FPS games. Fortunately, VALORANT already features in-depth customization for crosshairs since its launch. However, the VALORANT community is requesting the addition of Crosshair Presets for further convenience.

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Often, having the perfect crosshair is vital for players to have adequate weapon accuracy. As of this moment, the crosshairs in VALORANT can be customized, but these changes can’t be saved as presets. Thus, interchanging between multiple preferred styles would require you to memorize or note down each of the values.

According to Redditor vinny7299’s recent post, the players should have 5 preset slots to save different settings for preferred cases. This feature would significantly reduce the hassle of switching between different crosshairs.

Many players change their crosshairs depending on the weapon, agent, or map. Trying out different crosshairs is a widespread practice among professional VALORANT players. Nonetheless, Changing all the settings takes a hefty amount of time which could discourage players from experimenting with different types of crosshairs.

The system can be upgraded further to have weapon-dedicated crosshairs. Shotguns in VALORANT already have a similar system in place. When equipping a shotgun, the previous crosshair is automatically changed to a circular one. Similarly, implementing this handy mechanic would be a welcoming addition for the players.

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In hindsight, these changes seem very straightforward. Despite having a simple outlook, if implemented, this feature can assist newcomers & professionals in settling on a suitable crosshair preset. Nonetheless, we can only wait for RIOT to act on these requests.

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