VALORANT players are demanding for Tactical timeout feature in competitive mode

Rifat Bin Yusuf
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In the latest Patch 2.09 Riot added the much-awaited Tactical Pause feature in Custom Games with tournament mode 

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Tactical Pause is a very common feature among competitive First-person titles. VALORANT has been lacking this crucial feature since its launch in the June of last year. Developers added an indefinite pause feature in Tournament mode later on whereas the professional scene required a proper pause feature with a time limit. Despite the long delay, Riot finally decided to implement this vital element in the game.  

Tactical Timeout feature & implementations

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The indefinite pause feature had to be observed manually through an admin. As a result, it seemed faulty & vulnerable to human error. Patch 2.09 introduced a proper Tactical Pause feature to the game where both teams will get two timeouts per game. These timeouts will be 60 seconds long.

However, casual & competitive players outside of the professional scene are also asking for a similar feature. Redditor iProReaper firmly stated his request for Tactical timeouts on Ranked matches. The Redditor fortified his demand by bringing up some common & frustrating issues like random disconnects.

A Tactical timeout feature in Competitive & Unrated mode will be really beneficial for the players. In most cases, players are forced to play multiple rounds with 4 or fewer players while waiting for their disconnected teammates to rejoin the game. In contrast, technical & tactical issues in custom games & scrim matches can be easily dealt with through communications. Whereas, such methods are impossible to apply in Ranked matches. Furthermore, a timeout feature will also assist the players to better focus on the game.

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Counter-Strike features a Tactical timeout feature which can be activated by pressing a specific command. Ranked matches in VALORANT are usually 35-50 minutes long & it’s almost impossible to ensure seamless playing conditions for such a long time. Hopefully, Riot will consider inaugurating this feature in the upcoming patches.

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