VALORANT players are demanding access to the “Range” while in ranked queues

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

The necessity of a proper warmup session before ranked-queues is undeniably essential. Players are now looking for a way to skip the boredom of time-consuming queues by hopping into the Range while in ranked-queues. 

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While many hyper-focused professional players resort to aim trainers like KovaaK or Aim Lab to sharpen their raw aiming expertise, most VALORANT players rely on “The Range” for their warmup sessions. The Range offers multiple tasks which can be truly helpful if performed in an orderly fashion. However, the training map is only available while players are not in match-queues. 

A recent Reddit post from zeonon reincarnated the demand of many VALORANT players. Opening the Range during match-queues would allow players to fully prepare themselves before games. Most importantly, it will significantly decrease the amount of boredom created by hour-long queues in high-ranked matches. Additionally, the practice range would also help the players to stay focused. 

Even if Riot wanted to implement the idea of opening up the practice range during live-queues, the task would still be very challenging. Back in October, the Lead Games Mode Producer of Riot, Jared Berbach stated “The tech is feasible to let you jump into the practice range while queuing, but we’ve been reluctant to pursue this because it is straight up not efficient for what it’s accomplishing and we’re more excited about alternatives, like an aim trainer you could access while in queue.”

Image Credit: Riot Games

The Range might not be the most optimal place for warmups, but the map’s facilities are relatively straightforward. Most areas of the Range primarily mirror some particular scenarios that might occur during matches. Last year, many professional players like “m1xwell” also demanded something similar. 

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Riot needs to provide the players with a better & lighter alternative that would not require heavy server resources. Running KovaaK or Aim Lab during match-queues might be a temporary solution. Currently, CSGO offers a 1v1 pre-game warmup mode where players face the opponent in small-scale maps. However, according to the VALORANT community, the Range also might need a rework soon.

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