VALORANT players are concerned about repeated map placements in matchmaking

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

The VALORANT community is facing the issue of being matched in the same maps consecutively. Thus, players are now requesting Riot to consider a way to bring changes to effectively bypass repeated map placements.

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VALORANT has a low number of maps compared to other competitive FPS titles. This may encourage players to come up with new and more interesting strategies. However, it’s also making the core gameplay feel more tedious.

Competitive FPS titles usually provide map selection features. A good example of this would be CSGO where players are given the freedom to select particular maps. On the other hand, VALORANT is yet to provide any map selection option due to the limited number of maps.

Redditor McLoosTa addressed this issue in a recent post. According to the thread, the probability of getting the same map should decrease after playing it for a longer streak. It’s also mentioned that queue time might increase if the developers chose to follow this method. However, the huge amount of upvotes indicates that players are more than willing to accept longer queue duration to avoid repeated map placements.

Playing on the same map a few times in a row is bound to make the players weary. It takes away some of the much-needed novelty from the game. Since VALORANT’s map pool is still relatively small, Riot won’t be able to add a map selection feature in the game anytime soon. So, the probability of consecutively getting matched on the same map remains high.

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Implementing a system that avoids previously played maps would surely help resolve the issue. Nonetheless, we can only hope that RIOT will investigate this case and come up with a solution forward.

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