VALORANT players are complaining that the Skill Based Match Making system is not working properly

VALORANT's unrated matchmaking is kind of broken right now

Almost all the major online games now come with some form of skill-based matchmaking system from day one.

VALORANT is not an exception to that rule as Riot implemented its own sbmm system in VALORANT that was supposed to match you against players with similar skills. However, the current implementation is not working as intended. The community is constantly complaining about this skill-based system that is either matching them against really low skilled players or with players who are really good at this game.

The game director of VALORANT recently shared his opinion on solo and duo queue and how they implemented such a system that would compliment both queues without compromising the each other. As a result, players are now getting matched against players of vastly different skill levels.

In almost every match, there are at least 2 players on both sides who are hitting perfect headshots each round without any mistakes. While some players don’t even know what weapons to use in what scenarios. This unbalanced matchmaking system has ruined the experience of some players in the community.

Since a “surrender” option is still underway, all the leavers and toxic teammates are ruing this game for other players in the lobby. Although Riot did implement more severe punishment for leavers. However, unrated matches are still acting pretty weird at the moment.

Players are now waiting for ranked matchmaking

VALORANT ranked beta
Image via Riot Games

Meanwhile, some players in the VALORANT community are now waiting for Riot to add ranked mode in VALORANT. The general consensus among players is that ranked mode might fix all the issues that players are currently facing while playing unrated.

Riot needs to tweak its SBMM system as it is currently not working properly. Maybe their system needs more time to get better at matching people with similar skill ceilings. Riot is yet to make an official statement regarding all these player outcries.

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