VALORANT players are already asking for a “Trust Factor” feature

Trust factor is a must-have for any tactical shooter

Riot’s first foray into the whole tactical shooter genre will start with VALORANT when it will finally be released worldwide on June 2nd.

With the official release, the VALORANT community is already asking for some kind of “Trust Factor” feature. Just like the one they have with CSGO. Since Riot already took some heavy inspiration from CSGO regarding their game design and major mechanics, they should also implement some kind of similar feature as CSGO’s trust factor.

trust factor CSGO
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Trust Factor is a must-have for any 5v5 tactical shooters

Griefing is a huge issue in every known tactical shooter at this point. Even though it seems really easy to fix, it really isn’t. Most of the time in the process of detecting griefers, some normal players get caught into the crosshair. Whether or not someone is intentionally throwing a game or just having a bad day isn’t that easy to detect. On that note, game devs have to be very delicate in fine-tuning the correct balance while detecting griefers.

However, a robust trust factor feature could theoretically solve this problem. A decent example of this feature done right would be CSGO. CSGO’s trust factor matches you with players with a similar level of trust factor as you. Therefore people with the same trust level can get a similar kind of experience while playing the game together.

VALORANT will be out officially really soon. And online toxicity in games like LOL is really in a pretty unfavorable state right now. Although VALROANT’s executive producer Anna Donlon already announced that she will do everything under her power to deal with this toxicity problem. Adding some kind of robust trust factor system might be a step in the right direction for VALORANT.

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