VALORANT player shows off some crazy wall bang lineups on Haven

Master these wall bang lineups to bamboozle your opponents on Haven

VALORANT is a free-to-play 5v5 tactical shooter which is a weird mix between Counter-Strike and hero shooter games like Overwatch.

Riot Games mostly followed Counter-trike as a role model while developing VALORANT as a tactical shooter. And just like CSGO, this game has a lot of wall bang potential since bullets in this game go through objects.

In VALORANT, almost all the objects have different penetration values. At the same time, different weapons also have different penetration values. Therefore, weapons with high wall penetration values can be used in a smart way to eliminate players across the map.

Valorant haven wall bangs
Image via Riot Games

VALORANT player shows some crazy wall bang lineups on Haven

Basically, this savvy VALORANT player shows off some incredible wall bang lineups on Haven that most players didn’t even know was possible. Especially on the defense side, there are some straight-up crazy lineups that would make your opponents question where are the bullets coming from.

Furthermore, players can pair these lineups with Cypher’s trap to deal consistent damage through walls on Haven. And the best part is your opponents won’t even be able to shoot back for the most part. With a little bit of practice and utilizing Cypher’s abilities to its maximum potential, any player can pull off these crazy wall bang lineups on Haven.

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