VALORANT Player Reveals Trick To Avoid Opponent Viper Lineups While Defusing the Spike

Radiant VALORANT player discovers a trick to avoid Viper lineups while defusing the spike on Icebox.

Riot Games’ VALORANT has dominated the tactical first-person shooter genre for the last couple of years. Since its launch back in June 2020, the statistics for this game have been off the charts.

VALORANT is a hero-based 5v5 first-person shooter game. The goal is for attackers is to try to plant and detonate the spike or eliminate all the defenders. On the other hand, the defenders have to stop the spike from being planted. If the attackers manage to plant the spike, defenders will have to defuse it before detonation to win the round.

The heroes in VALORANT are called agents. Players have to select a specific agent before the beginning of the match, which they will use for its entirety. Each agent has unique abilities which have to be utilized to gain an advantage over opponents.

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How to Avoid Viper Lineups

Viper is a controller agent who uses toxins to power her abilities. One of her abilities, called Snakebite, can stop defenders from defusing the spike. After successfully planting the spike, Viper goes further away from the site to line up her Snakebite so that it lands on the already ticking-off bomb. The Snakebite deals damage to anybody who steps on it. Thus, the defenders cannot attempt to defuse the spike, and as a result, it explodes.

It is one of the most effective methods for attackers to win rounds. But Redditor u/Jollztv discovered a way around the Viper lineups.

The Radiant player has shown a step-by-step tutorial of how it’s done. But unfortunately, this trick can only be used in some locations of the Icebox map.

If the spike is planted right over a rope, the attacker can defuse it while being attached to the rope. That way, even if the opponent uses a viper lineup, it won’t damage the defusing player. To perform this trick defuse, the defender has to attach themself to the rope and start defusing at the exact moment. Though it might sound complicated, players can easily use key bindings to pull off this trick.

Currently, there is no news if Riot will try to remove this trick. But until they do, players should make the best of it to surprise the Viper mains out there and sneak in spike defuses.

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