VALORANT player proposes an interesting buff idea for Viper’s Poison Cloud

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

VALORANT players have widely neglected Viper due to her mediocre impact on the game’s rapidly shifting meta.  

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Among all VALORANT agents, Viper undoubtedly bears the lowest pick-rate. The reason behind Viper’s low pick-rate is simple; her abilities are often considered as severely underpowered. As a matter of fact, professional players are reluctant to pick Viper in regular ranked matches. So far, the character’s influence has been relatively limited on the eSports scene of VALORANT.

However, a recently proposed buff idea from Redditor SolidColorsRT might strengthen Viper’s prestige if implemented. The concept focuses on one of Viper’s abilities called “Poison Cloud”. Usually, the Poison Cloud is a reusable grenade that ejects a lethal chemical substance for a limited time. While inside the Poison Cloud, enemies will consistently receive damage. For this reason, skilled Viper players tend to utilise Poison Cloud in post-plant scenarios. 

On the other hand, SolidColorRT’s proposal is to make the Poison Cloud similar to Call of Duty’s Semtex Grenade. These grenades can stick to any object and deliver substantial damage after a specific amount of time. The idea here is to add Semtex’s sticky feature in the Poison Cloud while preserving the other elements of the ability. Additionally, it’ll allow players to set one-way traps to gain crucial advantages over opponents.     

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Raze’s Cluster Grenade is somewhat similar to Semtex Grenade, but they differ in build & flexibility.  If Riot considers adding Semtex’s characteristics in Poison Cloud, it might multiply Viper’s overall potential. 

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