VALORANT player finally found a way to get into the church on the practice map

You can get inside the church with the help of Omen

When VALORANT’s beta came out back in April, players used to wonder if there is a way to get inside the church in the practice map.

Seems like a player finally figured out how to get into the church using the help of Omen. So basically he used Omen’s teleport ability to get inside the church. And you can also pretty easily get out of there whenever you like using that same teleportation ability.

VALORANT players are already getting very creative in terms of how they use their abilities for different agents. Like who knew you can actually use Omen’s teleport to reach into almost any place in the game.

As players are constantly experimenting with these different agent abilities, they are finding more and more glitches like that Jett boost spot on Ascent, Omen smoke bug, Sova drone bug, etc.

VALORANT Practice Range Church
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VALORANT’s practice range has other secret places like you can actually walk inside the shelf in the church. Looks like it won’t be long before more places like these come to light. Although the VALORANT community was complaining about the lack of easter eggs in VALORANT.

Coming from League, they expected more quality easter eggs in VALORANT. As Riot has already had their hands full with all the bugs mentioned above, it seems like it will take more time for them to add more quality easter eggs in the game.

The recent glitches are actually directly affecting the competitive integrity of VALORANT. This along with the current matchmaking system requires a lot of work right now. Judging by Riot’s previous track record, all of these bugs should be worked out fairly soon in the next patch.

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