VALORANT Patch 3.02: Bugs fixed for Clipping through walls, Sage Wall peek, and Boombot through doors

Patch 3.02 rolls out with fixes to some major issues, a Sage nerf, and other quality of life tweaks.

For patch 3.02, there are no other major Agent or Weapon nerfs. Much like Patch 3.01, Riot has not made any huge change to the game as of late. This suggests that they are somewhat happy with the game’s current state, or maybe working on something new for the future.

The first fix was for an issue that plagued the game for almost the entirety of its time. That was agent models that clipped out of walls with their hands or gun barrel sticking out from a wall. This gave away their position and the outside enemies had an unfair advantage over them. The new patch fixes this issue.

Sage’s wall is one of the most iconic abilities of the game. Resembling blocks of ice, they served a very important purpose to block, delay or funnel the enemy’s movements. Since the developers made it seem like ice blocks, they were uneven so players could use that to their advantage using the crevices for vision. This has been removed in patch 3.02.

Lastly, there was a Boombot bug that allowed it to go through doors. This has been patched. Also, they fixed the voice volume sliders. All these bug fixes and quality of life improvements will definitely help polish the game.

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