VALORANT patch 1.07: Competitive Changes, Quality of Life Changes, Bug Fixes

Riot once again made some changes in competitive VALORANT to combat AFK players. We are also getting some much-needed quality of life changes and bug fixes in the new VALORANT patch 1.07.

VALORANT’S 1.07 patch brings a lot of changes. These changes were made by Riot in order to make the game more balanced. Along with changes to Agents and Guns, we also got Competitive changes that look to combat AFK players.

The changes to Competitive and other small changes and bug fixes will be briefly explained here for easy understanding. There is too much info to go around with all the changes that are in the VALORANT patch 1.07.

AFK players in Competitive is a problem that has been going on for a long time in VALORANT. Even one person being AFK puts that team at a huge disadvantage. Previously Riot tried to tackle this issue by punishing AFK players with a timeout. In the latest update, they gave control to the players who are still connected to the game. The connected players now have a chance to do something about players being AFK in Competitive. Riot is trying to bring meaningful changes to VALORANT competitive.

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Patch 1.07 Competitive Changes

Remake Match Feature

A new remake match feature has been added in the latest update of VALORANT.

When a match begins with a 4v5 (or more lopsided teams), players will now have the option to end the game they’re in and queue for a new one.

  • If any player is disconnected at the start of the match (beginning of the buy phase) through the entire first round, a remake call may be triggered at the start of the second round by typing /remake in chat.

All connected players on the team that called the remake may vote to remake the game— It’s required that all connected players agree to remake the game

The remake vote will last for the duration of the buy phase, if the vote is not passed by the end of buy phase it will expire

If the vote is successfully passed and the game is remade, all players who voted do not receive any XP or MMR adjustments for the match. The match will also not show up in match history. All disconnected players not part of the vote will take a full MMR loss for the game, and receive a leaver penalty equivalent to disconnecting from a full match.

This remake feature will help teams when there is one person missing at the beginning of the game. The main problem is that the timing for the vote is too short and the requirement that all connected players need to vote is too much. The team that has the man advantage are not inclined to surrender if they think they can win easily with the man advantage. In this case, they have more to gain by refusing the remake vote.

Hopefully these Competitive changes to VALORANT makes the matches fair for both teams.

Act Rank Visual Update

  • Act Ranks visuals have been updated to better differentiate wins at different rank tiers
  • Changed some potentially misleading verbiage in the restriction message for players who need to play more unrated games to unlock competitive play
    • This is to better reflect that Deathmatch and Spike Rush do not count towards unlocking Competitive.

Visuals have been updated for the Act ranks in order to differentiate them properly. Also, some misleading wording has also been changed. This change lets players know that Deathmatch and Spike Rush do not count towards the 20 matches needed to unlock Competitive.

Patch 1.07 Quality of Life Changes

Some much need quality of life changes were also made in the VALORANT 1.07 update.

  • Observers can toggle aim lines for players (default bind: R)
  • Observers can change which teams outline are visible (defaults: H – All, J – Friendly to spectated player, K – Enemies of spectates players, L – None)
  • Corpse markers shown when corpses are disabled now obey colorblind settings
  • Hotkey order for selecting players for observers should no longer shuffle in overtime
  • Observers should now see the money on the HUD for the player they are spectating
  • Added a setting for disabling the in-game UI (General -> Hide User Interface In-Game)
  • Added a setting for disabling the cross-hair (Crosshair -> Disable Crosshair)
  • Observers can hide first-person character arms. (General -> Hide First Person Arms)
  • Observers can toggle team-based crosshair coloring for spectated targets via the settings menu (General -> Use Team Color for Crosshair Color)
  • Improved framerate by allowing a wider variety of VFX to be multi-threaded, examples include Brimstone’ Sky Smokes and Breach’s Rolling Thunder
  • For anyone who’d rather keep their identity private in-game, we’ve added these features:
    • Hide my name from non-party members (agent name will be used)
    • Hide the names of others in my game who aren’t in my party (agent names will be shown)

These features take effect from agent select to game end. We also added an option to hide + auto-reject friend requests.

  • Hit impact VFX improvements

Patch 1.07 Bug Fixes

Some bug fixes made in the latest VALORANT 1.07 update

  • Fixed a bug where if both teams try to call a surrender vote, the team who called it second wouldn’t get the option to vote
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the Act Rank tooltip in English only when another language was selected

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