VALORANT newest map FOXTROT and loading screen music leaked

In line with Riot hinting at future content via Battle pass cosmetics, the latest battle pass includes a player card that indicates the next map might be on a ship. Earlier today, data miners have leaked the information that the newest map would be called FOXTROT.

VALORANT’s existing five maps: Bind, Split, Haven, Ascent, Icebox all included a unique feature like teleporter, three bomb sites etc. FOXTROT, if it is indeed on a ship should also feature a new and unique map trait as well.

With the latest patch 2.06 rolling out, a lot of new data has been added to the game. Alongside a new skin collection, we might be seeing a new map in the coming future. Data miners have dug deep into the new code and found out that there is a new map called FOXTROT. So far only the name of the map is known.

Also alongside the map name, data miners at Valorant Express – Datamining have found out the map loading music of the new map, FOXTROT. Each of the five different maps in the game features unique loading music. The newest map will be no different and feature its own unique loading music. The music seems to give off a synth-wave vibe.

These leaks are on April 1st so take this information with a grain of salt. But with VALORANT doing a separate April fool’s event, the information about the new map being false is highly unlikely.

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