VALORANT NEW Sentinel Agent teased and State of the Agents – September 2021

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
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Image via Riot

Riot devs talk in-depth about the changes in the latest patch as well as hint at the new upcoming Agent.

In Patch 3.06, Jett has received a considerable nerf to her ultimate making the right click delete it completely as well as decrease her smokes down to 2 from 3. This has reduced her effectiveness by a good margin, especially in the eco round rushes.


According to Character Producer Jogn Goscicki, “Our goal with Jett is an Agent that is used to capitalize on high mechanical skill outputs via precise gameplay. Currently, though, we’re seeing the Bladestorm right-click/alt-fire having an outsized effect on rounds without the need for pinpoint execution, for which it should require.”


As for Skye and Kay/O, one Agent’s flash was extremely effective while the other ones was not as much. In Masters Berlin, Skye had a very high pick rate mainly due to her ability to capitalize on her flashes. Kay/O was not preferred because his flashes were not as useful. So Skye’s flash got an increased cast time while Kay/O’s was decreased.

Jogn commented, “In some ways, even the smallest tweaks can result in big differences when it comes to the impact of flashes. So, as you’ll see in the Patch 3.06 changes, we provided a few light touches on these two Initiators. The goal here is to increase KAY/O’s viability, and reduce some of the frustrating parts of playing against Skye (like how fast she can capitalize on her flash).”

New Agent: Magnifique?

The new agent who has been teased by riot is confirmed to be a Sentinel with the title “Ctrl+F“. There are no clear details revealed as of yet to the actual name but it might stand for “Find” or “Finder” since the title is a shortcut for the Find function. Also, the image URL can be traced to the name “Magnifique” We still have any confirmations if that means anything.

“We took a step back and thought about different ways to provide another Sentinel to the roster. A Sentinel that focuses on mechanical outplays, with an additional focus of gunplay into the mix for an extra flourish. We won’t reveal much more, just know that once you achieve that dream moment, it will be magnifique!”

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
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