VALORANT Ruination Skin Bundle: Gameplay, Finisher, Melee, Release Date, Price, and More

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
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Image via ValorLeaks

After a lot of teasers, we have finally gotten a gameplay demonstration out of the new Ruination Skins and Melee.

League of Legends is celebrating the upcoming “Sentinels of Light” event featuring Sentinels and Ruination skins. Along with League, Riot has also released new skins in Valorant in celebration of the event.

Mike from ValorLeaks who is a reputable leaker of the Valorant community has been releasing teasers for the upcoming skin in Kay/O’s reveal trailer. Now we have gotten a proper image of the skin showcase.

The Ruination Bundle comes with skins for the Ghost, Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, and a Melee. The default color variation comes in a tinge of Jade along with a ruination-themed outlook.

Ruination Skin Gameplay and finisher

RyanCentral from Hitscan has also tweeted a short clip with the gameplay of the skins. He showed off the cool finisher where the soul of the enemy seems to get sucked into a void up in the sky.

Ruination Melee

The Ruination Melee is a huge sword keeping in line with the Ruination theme. It also has 4 epic-looking color variations.

YouTube video

RyanCentral also released a detailed video showcasing all the skins along with their variations, gameplay, finishers, and more.

Ruination Skin Price:

Ruination Phantom (2175VP)

Ruination Guardian (2175VP)

Ruination Ghost (2175VP)

Ruination Spectre (2175VP)

Blade of the Ruined King (4350VP)

Full bundle price: 8700VP

Ruination Skin Release Date:

The Ruination skin bundle will be available in the official store on July 7th, 2021.

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