VALORANT might get a story mode in future episodes

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

VALORANT developers might consider implementing a story mode in the near future.   

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Lately, Riot Games have been teasing a tiny portion of the VALORANT lore to spark widespread interests about the game’s story. Hardcore fans & enthusiasts have been able to retrieve some hidden messages scattered throughout the game. Similarly, the VALORANT community has been passionately responding to fan-made theories about the game’s lore. 

VALORANT Lore & Future Episodes

In the latest “Ask Valorant” thread, developers stated “It’s definitely our goal for players to discover more about Agents and their stories in the future. Right now, some of those details are seeded into the game itself, in Player Cards, Character VO, etc. —there are a lot of places where you can find and piece together snippets! However, a traditional story mode is not in our current plans but….never say never. Our goal is always to listen to players and so we will continue to adapt and create experiences based on what you are telling us you want.”

story mode in valorant
Image Credit: Riot Games

Since its launch in June of this year, VALORANT is only offering multiplayer game modes. Although, it’s evident that there is a fascinating origin story behind the scene. Every playable character in VALORANT has some voice lines which might resemble their past lives & relation to the fictional Kingdom Corporation. For instance, this corporation’s shady nature is often quoted through one of Viper’s voice lines that says “The lies we told this city… just to pry it open and suck it dry.” However, these are all fan-made speculations. 

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Developing and integrating a well-written story mode inside an eSports title like VALORANT won’t be easy. On the contrary, Riot might orient a story-mode in the upcoming episodes of the game to suffice community expectations.   

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