VALORANT Masters Berlin: Qualified Teams, Format, and Schedule

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
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The main event of VCT Stage 3 Masters is going to take place in Berlin, Germany, and here’s all you need to know about the Format and Qualified teams.

As Valorant Champions Tour 2021 Stage 3 continues, the top teams from all over the world will meet in Germany to decide who the best team is for the second time. VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland was the first Global Valorant tournament and the champions were Sentinels. This time around, can they defend their title or will we see them dethroned by a new challenger?

VCT Masters Berlin Qualified Teams

This time around, for stage 3 Masters there have been a few changes to the number of teams selected from each region. There will be 4 teams from EMEA, 3 teams from NA, 1 team from LATAM, 2 teams from BR, 2 teams from KR, 2 teams from SEA, and 2 teams from JP.

Screengrab via Liquipedia
Screengrab via Liquipedia

From NA, we can see the reigning champs are back but Version 1 failed to qualify this time around. 100 Thieves and Envy have really improved and managed to qualify for masters this time around.

The most surprising change probably comes from EMEA as neither of the Masters Iceland qualifiers managed to make it for Berlin this time around. It will be exciting to see what the 4 new teams bring to the table.

KRU esports have qualified for this Master’s as well. Crazy Raccoons have also managed to qualify again but ZETA DIVISION is a new face from Japan.

From Brazil, Korea, and SEA all the regions have new teams qualifying for Masters berlin. Vision Strikers have managed to qualify for Masters this time around and it will be exciting to see what show they put on, on the Global Stage.

VCT Masters Berlin Tournament Format

VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin will be a two-stage tournament and 16 teams will compete in the event. The first stage will be the group stage where there will be 4 groups of four teams. The matches will be best-of-3 and the top 2 teams from each group will advance to the playoffs.

The second stage of the tournament will be the playoffs. This will be in a single-stage elimination bracket and all the matches except the final will be best-of-3 as well. The Grand Final will be best of 5.

VCT Masters Berlin Tournament Schedule

The Group stage of the tournament will start on the 10th of September. The matchups have not been decided yet so check back with us soon and we will have the groups updated.

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