VALORANT leaks suggest an upcoming team deathmatch mode

TDM may be coming to VALORANT

The new leaks in VALORANT hint towards a team deathmatch mode that was also confirmed by a dev.

VALORANT’s closed beta launched only with the normal game mode that includes players join either the attacking or defending team with each team having five players on it. The main objective of this game mode is to plant a spike or defuse it. Although this game mode is great, players still wanted a TDM(team deathmatch) type game mode for a warmup before an actual game.

It seems like Riot had already planned for this in advance. After asking Volcano a dev in Riot if this mode will be available to play anytime soon. He explained that the dev team already has plans to implement some kind of warmup tool like TDM into the game. Although he isn’t certain if it will be ready for launch.

Volcano on dedicated deathmatch servers

With the current situation around the world right now, Riot might not be able to launch this game mode with the official launch of the game. Having said all that, a TDM style of game mode would be a great tool for players to learn basic skills like recoil control and crosshair positioning. Some players learn better when they actually play the game instead of practicing in the training yard.

This type of mode should, in turn, help those players who are new to the whole tactical FPS genre. TDM will most likely help them get better at the basic mechanics of the game. Hopefully, the dev team can actually finish it during the closed beta so that they can actually launch TDM mode with the official release of the game.

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