VALORANT: Killjoy’s turret bug reappeared in Haven

According to some accounts, a bug related to Killjoy’s turret has resurfaced again. Just like before, the bug seems to be only effective in Haven.

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Since the release of ACT 3, VALORANT has been pretty unstable. Patch 1.11  sourced plenty of game-breaking bugs. RIOT did rollback the patch to deliver a more solid version later on. Even after such an overhaul, players are frequently encountering major issues with the game. This time players are reporting the reappearance of an old bug that was fixed after an update.

Killjoy’s Turret Bug on Haven

Video Credit: Pssy Dstryr

Killjoy’s turret has been a subject of controversy since her introduction in ACT 2. RIOT recently fixed the turret mechanism and made it less effective. As stated by a Redditor named SeparateBat538, the bug is allowing players to place the turrets under Haven’s garage area. Previously, pinki97 demonstrated the same problem in the Haven Mid-doors area.

Video/Image Credit: SeparateBat538

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As presented in the video above, it’s also impossible to detect the turret’s position. Reinforced by concrete walls, the turret seems to be invulnerable. RIOT managed to temporarily remove this bug a few weeks ago. RIOT should immediately fix the turret issue to eliminate this game-breaking bug permanently.


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