VALORANT Karma Give Back Bundle skins confirmed! Reaver Vandal, Ion Operator, and more

At the end of every act, VALORANT makes a bundle with a combination of the best skins for a number of weapons. This time the skins were chosen by community votes and here are the winners.

Last time, at the end of Act 1 VALORANT released the “Run it Back” bundle featuring the best skins that have been released throughout Act 1 Episodes 1,2, and 3. It included the Sovereign ghost, Oni phantom, Spline operator, Prime specter, and Nebula Ares. The general price of each skin here is 1775 each making it a total of 8875. But if bought together, the player could avail a 33% discount bringing the price of the total bundle to 5936vp.

But the problem with that bundle was the skins were pre-defined by Riot and there would be multiple cases of players simply not being interested in skins like the Spline Operator or the Nebula Ares.

So this time for a change, Riot let the Community pick out what they wanted in the bundle at the end of Act 2. This was called the Karma Give Back Bundle. 50% proceeds from the skins and 100% proceeds from the cosmetics would go towards the Riot Games Social Impact fund.

Give Back Bundle Vote Winners and runner ups

Winner – (Runner Ups)
Reaver Sherrif (Mage Punk Ghost)
Ion Operator (Reaver Operator)
Go! Specter (Sovereign Stinger)
Reaver Vandal (Prime 2.0 Phantom)

What are your thoughts about the results? Did your favorite skins win the votes? Personally, I am happy with the results except for the Sherrif. I was hoping for the Magepunk as the Ghost is my weapon of choice.

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