VALORANT introduces the Butterfly Knifer along with the Recon Skin Bundle: Gameplay, Finisher, Melee, Release Date, Price, and More

Earlier today, there have been leaks suggesting a new skin bundle to be released bringing with it, the long-awaited Butterfly knife.

There have been talks as well as hints given by the Riot devs that a Butterfly knife has been in the works but the release date of that has not been confirmed. Today along with the latest patch, there is a new skin bundle getting released and the melee of that bundle will be the Butterfly knife. This will be the final bundle for Episode 3 Act 1.

Mike from ValorLeaks who is a reputable leaker of the Valorant community has leaked the first looks of this skin bundle ahead of time. Along with that, we see the first skin showcase from ValorantHUB

The Recon Bundle comes with skins for the Ghost, Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, and a Melee. This bundle has a Modern Military outlook and the default variation comes in desert camo.

Video by ValorantHUB showing the Recon Bundle

Valorant Recon Bundle Skin Showcase

Here’s a closer look at all the available skins from the Recon Bundle. Images are from ValorantHUB’s video.

These are the only images so far and with more leaks, this article will be updated accordingly.

Valorant Butterfly Knife

Finally, the wait is over as Riot has officially released the Butterfly knife in Valorant.

Recon Bundle Color variants

It has been confirmed that the skins along with the melee will have a total of 4 color variants. The stock variant will be of a Desert Camouflage and Variants will include Red, Blue, and Green Camouflage respectively. The Melee will also include a custom animation so do get excited as it seems we definitely will get a cool Butterfly Knife equip animation like CS:GO.

Recon Skin levels/upgrades

For the first time in Valorant Riot has introduced randomized upgrades. At level 2, the Recon Weapons will have a randomized Side attachment and at level 3, the Weapons will have randomized Bottom attachments. This is hinted at by the cover picture of the bundle having various attachments showcased along with the weapon.

Recon Bundle Price:

Recon Phantom

Recon Guardian

Recon Ghost

Recon Spectre

Recon Balisong

Full bundle price: 7100VP

Recon Skin Bundle Release Date:

Yet to be announced

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