VALORANT introduces Tactical VO for improving team coordination

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
2 Min Read
Image via Riot

VALORANT is an agent-based tactical FPS game that relies heavily on teamwork. Good tactics and clear communication is vital to achieve victory in this game.

VALORANT is a dynamic game where a lot of action happens in a short amount of time. The plethora of information that is available cannot simply be gathered by a single person. This is why information sharing is very important.

Riot has implied an in-game system that automatically makes agents call out if an enemy walks into their line of sight. But the problem with the current system is only the presence of an enemy is conveyed. Their location is not. Simply detecting an enemy is not as relevant in a game like VALORANT if their position is not known. The new Tactical VO aims to fix that by providing the location as well as the normal call-outs.

Map super regions on Ascent. Image via Riot.

With Tactical VO, the maps have been divided into ‘Super regions’ where the entire map is divided into large sections signifying the general areas. These super regions would be used in Tactical VO. For example, previously the agents said “Enemy spotted” or “Spike spotted”. Now they would say “Enemy spotted at Mid” or “Spike spotted at B”.

With Tactical VO, the quality of information shared will be enriched dramatically. Also, people without good communication hardware, non-English speakers, and muted players would all be able to contribute more to the match and increase the overall gameplay experience.

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