VALORANT: Insane site execution strategy based on Viper’s abilities in Split

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Split’s A site execution might be a gruesome task, particularly in solo-queue games. However, knowing these lineups will definitely lend you the upper hand during any co-ordinated attacks.   

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Viper is definitely the lowest-picked agent in the history of VALORANT so far. Despite such disappointing pick-rates, enthusiastic Viper mains are continuously trying to shine some light on the agent. While a buff for the agent is yet to arrive, her abilities are often underestimated. Viper’s three main abilities are Snakebite, Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen & Pit. If utilized in an orderly fashion, these abilities can temporarily generate a window of opportunity in any given situation.

Split A site execution lineups

On Reddit, a Viper lineup strategy demonstrated by -Nk0- is really exhibiting the agent’s full potential. As shown in the video, the procedure can be initiated from Split’s “Sewer” area. Firstly, setting up the Toxic Screen would require the full utilization of the minimap. The Toxic Screen’s long stretch will effectively block off the defender’s vision from the A Heaven & Ramps area.

Additionally, two Snakebites & a Poison Cloud can also be launched from the A Lobby area to substitute the Toxic Screen. Through -NK0-‘s demonstration, it’s clear that players would also be able to utilize the Kingdom Tower’s location to find a suitable angle for these lineups. Once dropped on the intended spot, these Snakebites will force any Sentinel to relocate from the Under Heaven & Heaven position.

The remaining Poison Cloud will shortly disable any sharpshooter lurking in the A Screens location.

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Viper is admired among a small & fanatical group of players within the VALORANT community. In a properly arranged site execution, her abilities can cause mayhem. Despite her lower than ever pick-rates in all formats of the game, a buff will definitely add more power to her punch.

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