VALORANT: Insane Cypher Camera spot for Icebox

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
2 Min Read
Image Credit: RIOT Games

VALORANT players have uncovered a great location to place Cypher’s camera in Icebox.

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Icebox is the newest addition to VALORANT’s competitive map pool. Released alongside ACT 3, Icebox represents the Polar regions of the Earth. Due to the map’s complicated design, Icebox received heavy criticism from the players. Although it’s difficult to adapt to the map, VALORANT enthusiasts have found a crazy spot to install the Cypher camera.

As demonstrated by Redditor pyrodenia, this camera spot practically works like a drone. In the video, the Cypher is taking up an elevated position with the help of Raze near the B Green area. After that, the player gets boosted by Sage’s wall to climb up even further. Finally, Breach’s precise ultimate helps the Cypher place his camera under the hanging container box near the B site crane.

Upon completing the intended procedure, the camera is able to observe the entire map while being undetectable from the ground. Despite the camera’s stealthy location, the whole execution method is pretty impractical as well. It’s highly unlikely that a competitive VALORANT team will spend Breach’s ultimate ability to install a single Cypher camera. However, the spot might come in handy in a dire situation.

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Icebox might not feature the most competitive environment in VALORANT, but it’s surely a map where players can satisfy their curiosity and conduct hilarious experiments.

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