VALORANT First Strike EU: Team Heretics knocks off G2 Esports

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT Games

The damage has been done! Team Heretics has knocked off G2 Esports out of First Strike EU Semifinals. 

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In a BO3 Semifinal match, Team Heretics has secured an incredible victory against the European giant G2 Esports. Every prediction, every analysis, all proven wrong by loWel & nukkye. Up until now, G2 has been considered as the tournament’s favorite one to lift the trophy of First Strike Europe.

Team Heretics took down Team Liquid in the Quarterfinal; even after that dominant victory over Liquid, not many people could predict this upset. Statistically, everything indicated a comfortable win for G2 Esports. 

Match Overview & Scoreboard

Ascent: Team Heretics 13 – 10 G2 Esports 

Bind: Team Heretics 5 – 13 G2 Esports 

Split: Team Heretics 13 – 11 G2 Esports 

Thanks to the fantastic team chemistry between loWeL, pAura & nukkye, Team Heretics came back from the jaws of defeat in Ascent. However, in a confident manner, G2 was quick to regain posture in the following map, Bind. With a 13-5 win over Team Heretics, the mixwell & Ardiis led European powerhouse managed to take the fight to Split, the final map.

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Both teams showed a paramount level of commitment in the decider map. Earlier in the quarterfinal, Team Heretics demonstrated that they are well prepared to face any formidable opponent in Split. In today’s match, they managed to snatch the win from G2’s grasp by a close 13-11 victory.

With a $40,000 prize money & a trophy on the line, Team Heretics seems unstoppable at this point. 

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