VALORANT: Fans are asking for in-game cosmetic items to represent their favorite teams

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Several professional teams are receiving massive support from their fans as the VALORANT eSports scene is on the rise. 

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VALORANT is a 5v5 competitive shooter that falls under the FPS category. Within the span of just six months, VALORANT is already on the line to become the next big eSports title. The game features unique competitive features & abilities that overshadows its rivals in the industry. Initially, VALORANT was only considered as CSGO’s potential usurper, but now it’s more apparent that the game is an entirely separate entity. 

After multiple Ignition Series events since June of this year, many ex-CSGO & Overwatch talents decided to switch to VALORANT. The formation of teams like SUMN FC & Moon Raccoons emphasizes the future of VALORANT eSports. In addition to these teams, retired CSGO professionals like Hiko, Steel & nitr0 embraced VALORANT as their new home. 

Now, fans are asking for in-game cosmetics to show allegiance to their favorite players & rosters. In a recent post, Redditor Lukoa wished for some in-game cosmetics like gun skins, charms & banners, allowing fans to show support for specific teams. Devoted supporters from multiple teams quickly backed up this idea.

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As an illustration, Lukoa highlighted Call of Duty League’s approach to such demands. It would be incredible if Riot actually considers this approach to establish more connections with the VALORANT community. Even though the VALORANT store is packed with aesthetic weapon skins, the addition of Team-based cosmetics will only inspire fans to engage more with the game.

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