VALORANT fan created an application to see Sova’s arrow setup throughout the map

A great application for beginners

VALORANT is an upcoming free to play tactical FPS from the developers of League of Legends.

As soon as players got access to the game’s closed beta it was pretty clear that VALORANT took some heavy inspiration from both hero shooters and CSGO. Unlike CSGO VALORANT’s map has too many angles to cover. Riot devs claimed that this was done intentionally so that they could balance agents like Sova with too many recon abilities.

An app designed for beginners

Since most VALORANT players are still new to the whole tactical shooter genre, most players had no idea how to properly use Sova’s arrows to get maximum intel from their opponents. This is where Reddit user Sec-Student stepped in.

The application contains a simple overview of all the maps that include Bind, Haven and Split. You can also inspect these maps from either the attackers or the defender’s perspective. This will tremendously help out beginners to see the bigger picture and where to place your crosshair to let your arrow reach its destination.

Beginning your journey into the whole tactical shooter genre can be a huge hurdle at first. With more time and commitment, most players will be decent enough to not drag their teammates down. Those who want to main Sova as their preferred agent then this simple application can help you get better in VALORANT.

Even though the game isn’t even out yet, it is still the number one game on Twitch right now. Riot is still working on fixing some major performance issues. Devs are also working hard to ensure that more people can get access to the closed beta amid the current situation around the world. The game was originally announced to be released worldwide this summer. Many industry insiders are still not sure whether or not they can actually pull this off. Although Riot Games is really adamant that they can complete all their testing by the end of Summer.

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