VALORANT European First Strike Event: How to watch, schedule, livestream, different time zones, and more

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First Strike is RIOT’s first-ever large-scale official tournament. Split into different regions; the First Strike event will set the standard for upcoming VALORANT tournaments.

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The European eSports scene is super congested & diverse at the same time. The region is home to VALORANT powerhouses like G2 Esports & Team Liquid. First Strike Europe will bring out the absolute best from the participating teams like FunPlus Phoenix, Team Heretics & SUMN FC. In this fight of survival of the fittest, G2 Esports is currently miles ahead of other European teams by statistics. However, they have been heavily challenged by Team Liquid & FunPlus Phoenix several times.

First Strike EU Teams, Match Format & Maps

Like First Strike North America, the European region will also follow a BO3 format for Quarter and Semi-Finals. Only Grand-Final will feature a BO5 format match.

Participating Teams & Rosters:

  • Team Liquid: ScreaM, ec1s, soulcas, Kryptix, L1NK.
  • SUMN FC: Boaster, doma, Mistic, Moe40, tsack.
  • G2 Esports: mixwell, paTiTek, pyth, ardiis, Davidp.
  • Nolpenki: vakk, xajdish, cNed, JESMUND, zeek.
  • Team Heretics: AvovA,loWel, pAura, nukkye, niesoW.
  • FunPlus Phoenix: Zyppan,ANGE1, Shao, ShadoW, Meddo.
  • Purple Cobras: Honeybee, fanCy, Hugstar, M4CHINA, VlaDéDé.
  • OrglessV: Happy, pipson,Boo, delezyh, hoody.


  • Quarter-Finals: Best of Three
  • Semi-Finals: Best of Three
  • Grand-Final: Best of Five 

Map pool:

  • Ascent
  • Bind
  • Split
  • Haven
  • Icebox

First Strike Stream Schedule for EU 

VALORANT’S Official Twitch channel will stream these matches according to match schedule.

Match Schedule & Timings:

The three days long event will commence on 3rd December. After seven decisive matches, RIOT will crown one champion for the European region.

  • Quarter-Finals: December 3 & 4
  • Semi-Finals: December 5
  • Grand-Final: December 6

Quarter-Finals Match Schedule:

Match 1Team Liquid 1 – 2 Team HereticsDecember 3GMT 3:30PMEST 10:30AM
Match 2G2 Esports 2 – 0 OrglessVDecember 3GMT 6PMEST 1PM
Match 3Purple Cobras 0 – 2 SUMN FCDecember 4GMT 3:30PMEST 10:30AM
Match 4FunPlus Phoenix 2 – 0 NolpenkiDecember 4GMT 6PMEST 1PM

Semi-Finals Match Schedule:

Match 5Team Heretics 2 -1 G2 EsportsDecember 5GMT 3:30PMEST 10:30AM
Match 6SUMN FC 2 – 1 FunPlus PhoenixDecember 5GMT 6PMEST 1PM

Grand-Final Match Schedule:

Match 7Team Heretics Vs. SUMN FCDecember 6GMT 3:30PMEST 10:30AM

So far, G2 Esports won six consecutive tournaments in Europe. Meanwhile, Team Liquid & FPX are also strong contenders for the Best of Europe title. Since its formation in August, Team Liquid has improved a lot. With the former Counter-Strike professional Scream on the roster, Team Liquid’s chance at winning the tournament should not be undermined. On any given day, SUMN FC & Orgless can pose serious threats to any team that shows a slight amount of ignorance. It’s tough to assume who will come out victorious in this European showdown.

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European teams had to go through a precarious elimination process to reach the Final event of First Strike. After 3 days of battle, Europe will crown its VALORANT champion. The long-lasting debate of “Best in the West” will conclude with the completion of First Strike.

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